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The Beef Interprofession stands with the Agriculture Commission against fake meat-like designations

'We hope that consumer organisations will also mobilise to support a national law banning the use of meat-like names'

07, Jul 2023

Great satisfaction from the Presidents of OI Intercarneitalia, Alessandro De Rocco, Serafino Cremonini and Fabiano Barbisan for the amendment approved by the 9th Commission of the Senate, which prohibits the use of names that refer to meat and its derivatives for processed products which instead contain exclusively vegetable proteins, as part of the government bill that intends to prevent the production and marketing of synthetic food and feed in Italy.
Vegans, who have banned any type of meat from their nutritional vocabulary, should be the ones to urge its transformation into law - say De Rocco, Cremonini and Barbisan.
We greatly appreciated the speech on this subject by Senator De Carlo, President of the Senate Agriculture Commission, given at the conference on 26 June organized by Oi Intercarneitalia and AOP Italia Zootecnica in Padua, in defense of our sector - the Presidents continue - constantly under shot from all sides, not least even the invention of a well-known water bottling house, which invented "protein" mineral water, indeed, "miraculous" because, according to the CEO, "as soon as I drank one bottle, I reduced the consumption of red meat”.
But is it possible to witness a similar trickle of such opinions without a contradicting?
We hope - say De Rocco, Cremonini and Barbisan - that consumer organizations will also mobilize to support a national law that prohibits the use of meat-like denominations, as established by the European Court of Justice in relation to dairy products , with a pronouncement stating that "purely plant-based products cannot, in principle, be marketed under denominations, such as 'milk', 'cream of milk' or 'cream', 'butter', 'cheese' and 'yogurt '”.
In a world increasingly hungry for noble proteins, indispensable for humanity - conclude De Rocco, Cremonini and Barbisan - we continue our work, in the supply chain, convinced that over 93% of Italian consumers who declare themselves omnivores are on our side.

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