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Ireland on Christmas tables: chef Cassarino's recipe with Irish lamb

Tradition and taste come together in the chef's proposal based on Irish lamb leg to be brought to the table at Christmas and on all special occasions

19, Dec 2022

Meat is often the protagonist of large tables set up for parties, ready to welcome friends and relatives in unique moments of sharing where even food becomes an experience to remember. During the holidays, meat-based dishes are the masters, among the many types, lamb certainly stands out.
And what could be better than Irish lamb meat, produced with traditional farming practices, in harmony with nature. The fertile soils, the abundant rainfall and the temperate climate of the island contribute in fact to the growth of its green pastures. With the longest grass growing season in Europe, Ireland's green fields ensure these lambs are fed naturally, on pasture all year round. From this comes the authentic and delicate taste of this Grass Fed meat.

Even in Italy Irish lamb is particularly appreciated (among European countries we rank before Germany and Sweden, for example) above all by the 35-54 age group who declare that they buy it once a month on average.

For these reasons, the Chef from Ragusa Francesco Cassarino belonging to the Chefs' Irish Beef Club (CIBC), an initiative founded in 2004 and managed by Bord Bia, the government body that promotes the Irish food & beverage industry, of which part of prestigious internationally recognized chefs who promote and enhance Irish meat, has chosen this fine meat for his stuffed leg of lamb recipe.

A simple dish, made with just a few ingredients designed to fully enhance the delicate taste of the raw material it is made from. Lard, aromatic herbs and lightly toasted bread stuff the tender lamb meat. “Among all the meats, I chose Irish lamb for this recipe because its taste is balanced and not too strong and in this way it can accommodate the needs of every palate, making it perfect for a Christmas lunch or dinner!” comments chef Cassarino.

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