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MASAF: Minimum requirements for Animal Welfare in force

The Decree of 9 March 2023 regulates the cross-compliance regime and minimum requirements for the use of fertilisers and plant protection products and animal welfare under Regulation (EU) 2021/2115

19, May 2023

Of great importance are the skills in the field of animal welfare, the soul of the Decree in force from 16 May 2023 from tomorrow, which also defines the "Zones" of conditionality, which governs the rights to CAP 2115/2021

Animal welfare - "Capacity and competence" requirements - The beneficiary and/or at least one of his delegates in charge of the custody and management of the farms must possess adequate skills, knowledge and professional skills that are functional to achieving the improvement of welfare conditions in the farms ( concerning, for example, breeding practices, housing conditions, outdoor access, feeding and watering, mutilation and castration, environmental enrichment, etc.), in particular point 1 of Legislative Decree 2001 "Personnel: 1. The animals are cared for by a sufficient number of workers with adequate professional skills, knowledge and competences”, by means of:

- the possession of a university or secondary school qualification in the agricultural, veterinary fields or equivalent degrees; or
- the possession of a certificate of attendance at training courses concerning animal welfare and/or regional programs for updating and technical assistance on animal welfare; or
- have applied for or have already used animal welfare consultancy under Measure 2 of the 2014-2020 RDP; or
- the request for enrollment in a suitable training course on animal welfare, also offered in the context of rural development, which must be followed within 12 months from the date of submission of the aid/payment application; or
- for the beneficiary or staff handling the animals, experience in the sector for at least 10 years for cattle, 7 years for buffaloes and sheep and goats, 5 years for pigs; or
- through the company joining the ClassyFarm system or, again, the National Animal Welfare Quality System (SQNBA) pursuant to the Interministerial Decree of 2 August 2022. In such cases, the training of the employees must be related to adequate skills and knowledge or optimal, as inferred from the self-control and/or official control checklists present in ClassyFarm.

Cross-compliance regime in 3 Zones - The cross-compliance rules include the Mandatory Management Criteria (CGO) and the Good Agronomic and Environmental Conditions (GAEC) listed in Annex 1 of the decree. The rules are divided in Annex 1 into three "Zones of cross-compliance" called: "climate and environment" (Zone 1, which includes rules for the correct use of water, land and the protection of wildlife), "public health and plants» (Zone 2); «animal welfare» (Zone 3)
Zone 2 and Zone 3: Food safety and animal welfare - The mandatory management criteria (CGO) are detailed in Annex 1 of the decree, respectively in Zone 2 (two SMRs) and in Zone 3 (three SMRs).

Circular Agea - Within ninety days, a circular from Agea will establish the procedures for implementing the decree, subject to the green light from Masaf and the Regions.

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