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Meat sounding: amendment approved in the Senate

No reference to meat and meat products for products containing exclusively vegetable proteins

06, Jul 2023

The IX Commission of the Senate has approved an amendment by the League, with the first signatures of Gian Marco Centinaio and Giorgio Maria Bergesio, which prohibits the use of names that refer to meat and its derivatives for processed products that instead contain exclusively vegetable proteins .

The rule is part of the government bill that intends to prevent the production and marketing of synthetic food and feed in Italy. The news was given by the vice president of the Senate Centinaio and Senator Bergesio.

“Thanks to this regulation, we will no longer be able to find labels with names such as 'soy steak' or 'tofu steak', 'veg burger', 'vegan mortadella' or others on the shelves of our supermarkets”, explain Centinaio and Bergesio. “These are names that deceive consumers, who can convince themselves that they are buying products that also contain proteins of animal origin, when in fact this is not the case. With the approval of our amendment, therefore, we ensure citizens' right to correct information to protect their health and interests, but we also recognize and defend the cultural, socio-economic and environmental value of our livestock products and manufacturing companies . In fact, we are convinced - add the two Northern League senators - that those who sell products with ambiguous labels are in unfair competition. Also for this reason, with the new law, he will risk heavy penalties".

“Now we hope that the text will soon arrive in the Chamber at Palazzo Madama, to then complete its process in the Chamber. For the League, correct information on the composition of foods is essential to protect consumers and businesses, both when it comes to unmasking unfounded alarms (such as Nutriscore or Irish wine labels) and when it is necessary to distinguish original products from more or less deceptive copies . This amendment demonstrates that our commitment in this sense remains and goes on”, concluded Centinaio and Bergesio.

Rome, RM, Italy, 05/07/2023 11:20
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