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Meat sounding, good Senate OK but let's hurry up on PSA too

The protection of meat-based products is nothing without the eradication of ASF from the continental territory

20, Jul 2023

On the evening of 19 July, the Senate floor approved the text of DDL 651 presented by the government on the subject of bans on meat and so-called feed. synthetics. Within this provision, with an amendment first signed by the vice president of the Senate Hon. sen. Gian Marco Centinaio, a provision has also been included which aims to protect meat-based foods from the odious phenomenon of meat sounding. This is the decidedly widespread practice whereby plant-based products are put up for sale with names that recall or expressly mention meat-based products: veg chicken, vegan Florentine steak, vegan mortadella are just a few examples of this anomalous market practice.
"It is good that the Senate has approved this law which prohibits the use of meat names on products that do not contain meat - comments Pietro D'Angeli, president of Assica - It is a cultural and common sense battle for correct competition between operators in the food sector. And then, personally, I have never understood why the so-called plant-based products that are so keen to distinguish themselves from meat in terms of diet, nutritional values, even environmental impact, always end up presenting themselves to the public with the names of the products from which they distance themselves."

The provision approved by the Senate now passes to the Chamber of Deputies where it will have to face further debate and study by the Commissions and the House before concluding its process. "When the law finally sees the light, we will immediately return to Europe to ask that the EU also adopt regulations on the matter, in a similar way to what has already happened for the milk sector", continued D'Angeli.

“Regulations on food must be common across the single market. This is not a war on plant-based products, but a battle to defend a supply chain of which the same ones who try to highlight its limits on the one hand, however, on the other try to grab their merits, evoking in the consumer the irreplaceable nutritional contribution, the gastronomic cultural tradition and the peculiar professionalism of a sector with a centuries-old history, precisely that of meat processing".
The pork sector in particular has been living in a situation of particular distress for almost two years, not only due to the economic situation, but also due to the reappearance of ASF among wild boar on continental territory, a harmless disease for humans, but incurable for animals.

"We need to act quickly to eradicate ASF, otherwise the productions that this law rightly wants to protect will end up being irreparably compromised. Urgent investments of at least 50 million euros are needed for the installation of prevention systems and for the decisive and sensitive reduction of wildlife. We ask Schillaci, Lollobrigida and President Meloni to accelerate responsibly in the direction taken for eradication." Thus Pietro D'Angeli draws the attention of the government and parliament to an issue that is becoming more pressing every day and exposes the supply chain to the risk of total blockage on the one hand and the risk of compromising production capacity on the other.


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