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Menù together with Federcarni for a journey through Italian butcher shops

'Journeying through the generations' is the new Federcarni initiative that aims to enhance the ancient art of butchery in a journey between tradition and innovation for a new vision of this sector

16, Feb 2024

Menù, a leading company in the production of food specialties for professional catering, has recently signed an agreement with Federcarni, the National Butchers Federation, which has over 6,000 members throughout Italy.

Thanks to the partnership, Menù will increasingly dialogue with independent normal trade butchers, a channel that the Medolla brand is following with great attention: “We are very happy with the collaboration with Federcarni – declared Federico Masella, Marketing & National Key Account Manager Italy of Menù – because it allows us to come into contact with the world of Italian butchers, businesses that proudly carry on ancient traditions and which, at the same time, are open to innovation”.

“In Federcarni's DNA there is not only the ability to choose advertising actions that can collaborate in spreading our everyday work in favor of meat professionals, of the butchers who pave the way for the future of the profession – said Maurizio Arosio, president of Federcarni -. Federcarni chooses partners who are able to improve technological and product quality to facilitate the work of butchers, increasing the quality of our work. So welcome Menu”.

Among the first scheduled events foreseen by the partnership, there will be participation in the "Traveling through the generations" competition: Menù will make available to the competitors a selection of products to be used in doughs and fillings or to season and garnish preparations, references designed to stimulate the creativity of competitors.

The competition

“Travelling through generations” is Federcarni's new initiative which aims to enhance the ancient art of butchery in a journey between tradition and innovation for a new vision of this sector.

The competition involves six pairs made up of a Senior and a Junior butcher challenging each other in the preparation of meat-based recipes. The cuts (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit) will be supplied by Federcarni, while all the other ingredients will come from the Menù pantry. In particular, these are products from the Asettico line, an exclusive Menù technology, which involves an ultra-rapid heat treatment of the product, the result of which is a finished product unrivaled in terms of organoleptic qualities, consistency and colour.

The advantages of Aseptic processing are many, including the creamy consistency which helps to keep the meat light in color and gives homogeneity of flavor to the preparations, the presence of a part "in pieces" for the immediate recognition of the product and, not lastly, the ease of use and the high yield since these products do not have to be drained or drained.

Some excellences from the Menù catalog are part of this line, such as the "Sautéed champignons", the "Sautéed sliced porcini mushrooms", the "Grancrema with Parmigiano Reggiano DOP", the "Grancrema of smoked scamorza", the "Grancrema of Pecorino DOP ”, the “Leek Gransalsa” and the “Artichoke Hearts Gransalsa”.

Among the products designed for the competition there will also be salts, spices, potato flakes and other sauces, with the peculiarity of being gluten free, therefore completely suitable for preparations intended for gluten-intolerant consumers.

The event includes a total of six stages which will touch as many regions between northern and southern Italy, while the final will take place in 2025 as part of the iMeat fair (23 - 25 March in Modena).

For each stage, the "Best Menu Dish" prize will also be awarded which will choose the preparation, raw or cooked, prepared using an ingredient that is the same for everyone, supplied by the company.

The agreement with Federcarni is part of a broader path of collaborations which will see Menù increasingly protagonist: "2024 will be the year of relationships - concludes Masella - we will continue partnerships started in previous years and we will activate new ones because networking is a winning strategy to meet new operators in the sector, new customers, and to consolidate growth on multiple channels.

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