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Bivalve molluscs. Veneto: 990,000 euro over 3 years for restocking

The Veneto Region deploys further measures to counter the advance of the blue crab

12, Apr 2024

The Veneto Regional Council, with a resolution proposed by the Regional Councillor for Fisheries Cristiano Corazzari, has approved the agreement with Veneto Agricoltura and with Co.Ge.Vo (Consortium for the Management and Protection of Bivalve Shellfish Fisheries) of Venice and Chioggia, for the repopulation activities of bivalve molluscs in the Veneto coastal area for the years 2024-2025-2026. A total of Euro 990,000 will be invested over three years to finance interventions aimed at mitigating the damage suffered by natural populations of bivalve molluscs in marine areas (Adriatic clam, razor clam and fasolaro) and reactivating their productivity.

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