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The new Federation representing the Italian primary food processing industry is born

It is called "Confindustria agroalimentare della prima trasformazione"

13, Jun 2023

The federation project between Assalzoo - National Association of Zootechnical Food Producers, Assocarni - National Association of Meat and Livestock Industry and Commerce and Italmopa - Association of Industrial Millers of Italy - was presented today at the Confindustria headquarters.

The event was attended, representing the Confindustria system, by Alberto Marenghi, Confindustria Vice-President for Organisation, Development and Marketing and Maurizio Stirpe, Confindustria Vice-President for Labor and Industrial Relations and, representing the Associations, Silvio Ferrari President Assalzoo, Serafino Cremonini President of Assocarni and Andrea Valente President of Italmopa.

The new federative subject, called 'Confindustria agri-food of the first transformation' which, in this first phase, represents product sectors with a total turnover exceeding 25 billion euros will represent, within Confindustria, the Italian industry of the first food transformation chain setting itself as main strategic objectives:
- increase the impact of the sector both with regard to national institutional interlocutors and within the confederation system, with participation, among other things, in the Confindustria General Council;
- respond adequately to the growing expectations of protection and assistance of the Companies represented on the political-economic, legal and trade union level in a strongly evolving context of the internal, Community and international economic scenarios;
- activate flexible, dynamic and adaptive models aimed at making the representation of the agri-food sector more efficient.

The Federation, according to the statutory rules which must be adopted by the end of this year, will be open to the adhesion of other components, with particular reference to those that represent, at a national level, companies operating in the agri-food sector.


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