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MEatSCHOOL, the academy dedicated to training, information and dissemination of beef culture, is born

Specialised and multilevel courses, theoretical but above all practical lessons, this is the recipe for creating the professional figures of tomorrow. Three new courses for private individuals start in March

22, Feb 2023

Are meat professionals born or made? If many are born, there are also more and more young people who could enter the beef sector. There are, in fact, professional fields in which knowledge of the 'meat product' is indispensable, with uncovered positions for which the search for employees remains a constant. One of these, for example, is the figure of the butcher, for which there is a situation of labour demand caused by a scarce generational turnover (ISMEA data) with a difficulty in finding adequately trained workers.

Centro Carni Company Spa, an Italian company with over forty years of experience and knowledge in the beef processing sector, has therefore decided to become the promoter of the MEatSCHOOL project: an academy for training, information and dissemination of beef culture in Italy.

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