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Crefis Newsletter Pig sector - April 2024

From Crefis  Centro Ricerche Economiche Sulle Filiere Sostenibili

12, Apr 2024

In March prices for slaughter pigs and slaughter sows rose again, just as the rise in farm animal prices continues. Current values are below 2023 levels, with the exception of breeding animals.
The profitability of Italian breeders engaged in the various stages of pig breeding is growing, both in cyclical and trend terms.
The profitability of Italian slaughterers is increasing in both cyclical and trend terms.
The decrease in the prices of PDO cured hams and the increase in the prices of fresh legs at the beginning of the maturing process led to a worsening of the profitability of these producers, which is also lower than last year.
On a cyclical basis, the profitability of producers of NON-PDO hams also fell, but it is still above March 2023 levels.


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