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Offishina® presents Tabacco Marino®

An innovative seafood condiment in the form of naturally fermented and air-dried fish fillets

18, Apr 2024

Tabacco Marino® is a tribute to the Apulian tabacchine and cigar-makers, iconic women who, until the 1950s, carried out meticulous manual labour, starting from the harvest in the fields to the fraying of the sun-dried tobacco. Tireless women, who for decades made the history of Salento, representing a true milestone.
As with tobacco processing, Tabacco Marino® is also the result of patient women's craftsmanship, where the fish, marinated with extra-pure mine salt and Mediterranean spices, ferments naturally and dries slowly on looms similar to those used by tobacco workers. The sweetish smell and typical textures of the meticulous drying and fraying are very similar, hence the idea for the name and payoff: Tabacco Marino®, pleasing to the palate.

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