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Sheep farming, a supply chain worth almost one billion euro

In Italy 135 thousand farms and about 7.4 million head of cattle

30, Nov 2022

Although it is often considered marginal, the sheep and goat sector plays a strategic role for the livestock economy of our country. The entire supply chain is worth almost one billion euros a year between the production of milk and meat, with a total of 135,000 farms and around 7.4 million heads.

“Recognizing the value of the sector and with the intention of supporting it, this year we have decided to introduce the theme of oviniculture with the States General of Italian oviniculture within the International Zootechnical Fairs, scheduled in Cremona from 1 to 3 December - declares Roberto Biloni, President of CremonaFiere -. We considered it important to complete the offer of the livestock fair, which is why we have included the sheep sector and are building the foundations for an important work to promote the supply chain starting from the meeting on 2 December".

Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura, will take part in the States General of Italian sheep growing (December 2 Cremona Fair, Sala Amati, 4.30 pm); Riccardo Crotti, President of the Libera di Cremona; Angela Saba, President of the FNP Allevamenti Ovicaprini of Confagricoltura; Gianni Maoddi, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano DOP; Carlo Santarelli, President of the Pecorino Toscano DOP Consortium; Marcello Mele, University of Pisa Department of Food, Agriculture and the Environment; the Mayor of Grosseto Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna; Gennaro Giliberti, Director of Agriculture of the Tuscany Region; entrepreneurs Tiziano Iulianella and Dino Cartoni. Moderator: Vincenzo Lenucci, Director of Economic Development Policies - National Confagricoltura.

“Unfortunately, the sheep and goat sector is also experiencing a difficult situation due to the increase in production costs and unsatisfactory quotations - explains Angela Saba - which, although on the increase, do not allow the higher costs to be covered, above all due to the increases in animal feed and energy. An event such as the Cremona Fair represents the ideal place to make the value of this sector better known in areas where it still remains underdeveloped today and to promote exchanges of knowledge and partnerships that can strengthen the sector".

Italy plays a decisive role in sheep and goat production at European level: our country is in first place for the production of cheeses based on sheep's milk, in third place for the production of sheep's milk behind Greece and Spain and in seventh place for production of sheep and goats dogs. On a national level, half of the animals raised today are in Sardinia and almost half of the value of meat and milk production is concentrated there; the rest of the sheep and goat heritage and the relative production is located between Sicily, Tuscany and Lazio and to a lesser extent Calabria, Basilicata and then in the rest of Italy.

The Cremona International Zootechnical Exhibitions - from Thursday 01 to Saturday 03 December 2022 - are the only international trade fair specialized in Italy on high-profitability animal husbandry and represent the most effective tool for networking with the protagonists of the agri-food sector. The 2021 edition of the International Zootechnical Fairs confirmed Cremona as one of the main world capitals for the sector, which it relaunches this year with the most important international zootechnical event ever in Italy: 650 animals registered from 120 farms from 8 countries, over to the exhibition of services and equipment and solutions for animal husbandry which occupies the entire fairgrounds.


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