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Pietro D'Angeli to lead ASSICA

D'Angeli takes over from Ruggero Lenti, who held the role from 2021 to date

15, Jun 2023

The Assembly of ASSICA, the Industrial Association of Meats and Cured Meats today unanimously elected Pietro D'Angeli as the new President. D'Angeli, already Vice President in the last two years, takes over the baton from Ruggero Lenti, who had held the position from 2021 to today.

“I want to thank all the associates for the trust placed in me and I would like to underline that my mandate will be in continuity with the previous presidencies of Ruggero Lenti and Nicola Levoni, to whom my gratitude and esteem go for the valuable work done. In particular, I would like the atmosphere of great collaboration to remain intact, convinced that only a common spirit and vision on the part of companies, deriving from continuous and open discussion, can be the right engine for the Association to perform its function in the best possible way , representing all the associates, regardless of the size of the companies” – said the new president D'Angeli.

On the program front, the priorities announced are in response to the many challenges that the sector is facing, from the sharp increase in industrial costs and raw materials (domestic and foreign) to African swine fever (ASF) with the already serious repercussions on exports . "As a reaction to the sharp and constant increase in the costs of raw materials, energy, packaging and many other related costs and the difficulty of transferring these higher costs to final sales prices, also in light of the loss of purchasing power of Italian families, reducing VAT to 4%, thus equating meat and cured meats with cheese and fruit and vegetables, would help to calm the market – announced D'Angeli. "To counter the spread of ASF, it is vital to act promptly, with the sharing and implementation of coordinated actions for the eradication of the infection". As far as internal priorities are concerned, the President aims for greater involvement of young people, both within the individual companies and in the Association: "The issue of business continuity and generational handover is crucial, especially for our supply chain, made up majority from family-run SMEs. In this two-year period I intend to commit myself to favoring and facilitating the entry or greater involvement of young people within ASSICA and our member companies: they are the future of our sector and of our country and it is necessary that they acquire more and more voice also within within our organization”.


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