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Roast chicken: 95% of Italians appreciate it

Monday 2 October, the seventh edition of the social marathon promoted by Unaitalia

29, Sep 2023

95% of Italians consider it a "perfect match" at the table. And surprisingly, for 3 out of 10 Italians, it is also the favorite dish for a romantic dinner. Roast chicken with potatoes, in its simplicity and tradition, confirms itself as an iconic dish in Italian gastronomic history. Tasty, healthy, economical, versatile and even an aphrodisiac. For a couple's dinner, in fact, it far defeats the much more famous oysters and champagne (17.9%) and the enveloping chocolate and chilli dessert (23.6%), followed by spicy chicken (14.6%) and eggs with truffles (9.6%). In the game of gastronomic pairs it is undoubtedly on the podium of perfect pairings (52.6%), followed by tomato and mozzarella (48.1%), bread and mortadella (40.2%), cappuccino and croissant (37.3% ), ham and melon (33.4%).

This was revealed by an AstraRicerche survey for Roasted Chicken Day, the great social marathon organized by Unaitalia - the National Association of White Meat Producers - which on 2 October every year celebrates the meat dish most loved by Italians, consumed by 95% of the population, appreciated by all cultures and traditions in the world. A gastronomic marriage, the one between roast chicken and potatoes, which knows no crisis: 88.6% of roast chicken consumers choose it, 42% always and 46.6% often. 70% of Italians eat it every 15 days and 40.2% at least once a week.

And the theme of perfect matches will be the underlying theme of the seventh edition of Roasted Chicken Day, a day of celebrations on the theme "It's a perfect match" starring couples between whom a perfect chemistry is established, at the table as in the kitchen. Users have the opportunity to post photos, recipes and discuss their favorite combinations with roast chicken. A match between chicken and potatoes, loved by everyone and in every context for the versatility and transversality, including cultural, of chicken which with 16.38 kg per capita in 2022 (Unaitalia data) continues to be the most consumed meat in the Belpaese, protagonist of Sunday lunches at grandmother's house but also of starry tables. Roast chicken with potatoes makes you think of your mother and grandmother (20.7%), of Sunday (16.7%), recalls childhood memories (10.7%), also pairs with friends (8, 4%) and fun (8.3%) but above all it evokes taste and pleasure (31%).

Opening the online appointments (12.00 pm) will be Max Mariola, together with his alter ego on social media Vittorio Pettinato (who has gained 100 thousand followers on IG and TikTok with his imitation of the most loved chef on social media), who will cook live on Instagram paired their version of roast chicken with potatoes. From 11.30 and throughout the day the Giallo Zafferano community will be with its numerous network of tik tokers and creators, committed to offering the best chicken and potato recipes prepared as a couple. At 1.00 pm it will be the turn of Alessandro Granatelli and Niccolò Pau, aka 2men1kitchen ("a couple of guys who do things in the kitchen" with 322 thousand followers on Instagram and 12.7 million likes on TikTok). The most unpredictable duo on the web will prepare an unexpected version of the classic recipe: roast chicken flavored gummy candies with potatoes. At 4.00 pm the starred chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani will propose their version of roast chicken from their Instagram profiles to be enjoyed.

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Rome, RM, Italy, 09/28/2023 1.45pm
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