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Lamb price. Confagricoltura Sardegna: 'Expectations disappointed'

The agreement signed in December set a minimum of EUR 5.62 per kg, not less than the production costs

16, Jan 2023

In December, in Sardinia, an agreement was signed between an agricultural category organization and a part of large-scale distribution and the slaughtering world, for a fair price to be paid to primary producers. This agreement, however, denounce the Sardinian leaders of Confagricoltura, has not had the desired effects. Together with thousands of companies in the countryside, Confagricoltura Sardinia had welcomed the decree on unfair practices, which implements the European Union directive intended to guarantee greater protection for operators in the agricultural and food sector, with great interest and expectation.

The first supply chain to apply the agreement was that of Sardinian lamb Igp. The Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market (Ismea), in the report published in December 2022, established that the production cost of lamb was on average 5.62 euros per kg (live weight and VAT included). According to the indications of the decree on unfair practices, the price of the PGI Sardinian lamb cannot be paid below the production costs established by Ismea and therefore not less than 5.62 euros (5.11 euros plus VAT). The agreement signed in December also involved, through the agricultural association, the top management of the PGI Sardinian Lamb Protection Consortium, proposing itself to farmers and consumers as an innovative tool through which to finally secure the work of shepherds with fair compensation for the activities performed.

"However, this agreement, with the Christmas sales campaign now over, did not have the expected results - denounce the regional leaders of Confagricoltura -. The main reasons are essentially two: the first concerns the fact that the protocol only affected a very small slice of the companies Sardinian sheep and the second, much more decisive, that guarantees and strong counterweights had not been provided, so that the commitments undertaken by the parties were respected throughout the production campaign, with a price to be paid to the farmers of no less than 5.62 euros. estimates that in December 2022, of the approximately 300,000 lambs slaughtered, only a few thousand were paid to the shepherds according to the memorandum of understanding.Similar examples, on the recent market trend, also come from the analysis of some data: from Sardinia they are starting from 2,500 to 3,000 lambs a week with a price that fluctuates between 2.8 and 3 euros per kg".

In light of this situation, Confagricoltura Sardinia asks the Consortium for the Protection of Sardinian Lamb PGI that the consortium's choices be agreed and shared with the governing body, representative of the variegated Sardinian pastoral world, and with the various agricultural organizations.

Cagliari, CA, Italy, 1/13/2023 7:04 PM
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