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Promotion of PDO PGI products: 'EU penalises cured meats and red meat'

Origin Italy asks Minister Lollobrigida for help

18, Oct 2023

Baldrighi: “The EU position is unacceptable, we ask the
minister to stand by our supply chains and vote against", at the meeting of the OCM Committee on 25 October.

The promotion of Italian DOP IGP products based on red meat (such as cured meats and hams) is at risk. To avoid the threat from the European Union, a letter addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, in which Origin Italia, the Association representing the Consortia for the protection of Geographical Indications, asks the ministry to vote against the proposal for the 2024 Annual Work Program of the Commission on the Promotion of Agricultural Products, during the meeting of the CMO Committee on October 25th.

The concerns expressed by Origin Italia to the minister specifically relate to a certain passage contained in the document for the Promotion of agricultural and food products for the year 2024 (Annual Work Program) in which a critical point emerges in the Program assignment criteria. In fact, under the heading "relevance" a sub-criterion has been introduced concerning "the contribution of the proposed information and promotion project with respect to the objectives of the climate and environmental ambition of the CAP, the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy, specifically on sustainability of production and consumption", using the definition of sustainable agriculture of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a reference. Precisely this sub-criterion will also evaluate, for proposals intended for the internal market, the alignment with the objectives of the European Plan to fight cancer, which aims to encourage a diet based more on plant foods to the detriment of other products such as red meat , hams, cured meats, wine and alcoholic beverages.

A danger that arises again after it had been averted last year also thanks to Origin Italia which had loudly called for an intervention by the minister who, a few days after his inauguration, expressed clear opposition to the introduction of penalizing criteria for some symbols of Italian agri-food excellence, protecting a significant part of the GI sector.

“The program proposed by the European Commission penalizes and discriminates against some symbolic products of Made in Italy, with the risk of causing considerable damage in economic and image terms to the PDO PGI sector” underlines in the letter Cesare Baldrighi, president of Origin Italia, “ this is why we ask Minister Lollobrigida to express a negative opinion during the vote, in order to protect these products whose sectors require promotional campaigns to create new market opportunities and consolidate existing ones".

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Rome, Italy, 10/17/2023 3:17 pm
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