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PDO and PGI charcuterie promotion: ISIT's concern over discriminatory criteria in EU promotion policy

The associations particularly ask Minister Lollobrigida for support at the next CMO Committee meeting

19, Oct 2023

ISIT (the Association of Consortia for the Protection of PDO and PGI Cured Meats), through joint letters with the main trade associations, sent two separate communications to the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, to request his intervention in view of the meeting of the Committee of Member States on 25 October next, where the Annual Work Programme (AWP) 2024, which regulates the funds for the promotion of agricultural products, will be discussed.

ISIT wished to express its concerns about the proposed text of the Annual Work Programme 2024, which contains some provisions that may discriminate against sectors that are important for the productive economic asset of our country, such as red meat and alcoholic beverages.

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