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Prosciutto San Daniele: sustainability, between animal welfare and traceability of the supply chain

The President, Giuseppe Villani, and the Director of the Consortium, Mario Emilio Cichetti, take the floor

25, Jan 2024

The subject of animal welfare and sustainability in the livestock supply chain is increasingly the focus of attention of both professionals and the public. It was discussed at length during the round table organised in Milan on 'Concrete value, prospects for the sustainability of Prosciutto di San Daniele and future steps in the supply chain'. In addition to the Consortium's top management, President Giuseppe Villani and Director Mario Emilio Cichetti, the conference featured speeches by James Osborne, Heaf of Sustainability Lundquist, Vitaliano Fiorillo, Director of Agri Lab Sda Bocconi, Giovanni Alborali, Director of the Iszer Institute, and Alessandro Ciciliot (Consorzio San Daniele).

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