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Farmer protests, Assosuini: 'A permanent table should be set up to make our voices heard'

The creation of a permanent table to consolidate the supply chain's needs is good. It is an opportunity to take part in discussions and collaborate on choices for the growth of the sector, which will not happen again on this scale

16, Feb 2024

The protests of farmers and breeders have continued in recent days with over 200 tractors marching on Rome, blocking all traffic on the main roads and motorways, and creating quite a few inconveniences. Yet, contrary to what one might think, the protests generally have the support of public opinion, now supportive and aware of the difficulties that, for some years now, a fundamental sector has been experiencing in guaranteeing food for everyone.

Assosuini was among the first to support the protest, from its first beginnings in Germany, to then spread throughout Europe and finally also in Italy. All this anger comes from years and years of absurd EU policies which, in the name of environmental sustainability, have placed the indispensable work of breeders and farmers as the last wheel of the agri-food supply chain.

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