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PSA, Confagricoltura Sardegna: Revision of EU embargo on Sardinian meat is an important step

Revision of EU embargo on Sardinian meat is an important step

19, Dec 2022

"Overcoming the blockade on the marketing of pork, its derivatives and live animals outside Sardinia, decreed by the European Union on about 80% of the regional territory, is a very important step that frees us from the terrible restrictions imposed on our island by the 2011 due to the presence of African swine fever, which arrived from the Iberian peninsula in 1978. Once a decisive battle was won, the war must now be won and all the territories liberated, especially those in the interior between Barbagia and Ogliastra still declared a red zone, which of all have paid in terms of restrictions, social hardship, economic loss and depopulation". This was stated by the president of Confagricoltura Sardegna, Paolo Mele, after meeting with representatives of the Organization and pig farmers.

"For the result achieved, it is right to thank the former president of the Region, Francesco Pigliaru, and the then health councilor, Luigi Arru, who gave birth to the Project Unit for the eradication of ASF: a highly innovative and operational, as repeatedly recognized by Brussels, which led to the eradication of the terrible virus. In fact, since September 2018 the disease has no longer been reported in domestic pigs and it has also disappeared from wild boars since April 2019. It is also right to thank the president Christian Solinas for having continued the eradication, monitoring and control activities especially against wild grazing. Now - observes Mele - we expect to know in detail what the export management framework of our products will be and the different bands into which Sardinia will be divided: it would seem from three to four. What is certain is that we must not slow down, since we have an institutional and moral duty to ensure a historic victory for all Sardinian pig farmers and the many transformation entrepreneurs who could use our meat again and thus give a decisive impetus to a dying sector. The hope - concludes the regional president of Confagricoltura - is that the new directives and therefore the derogations that will have to come from the Ministry of Health and the Region of Sardinia really accompany a policy of enhancement of the excellence of cured meats from the more rural areas and historically suited to such productions. Until now, piglets or ham from Urzulei or Talana can reach markets all over Sardinia; it would be unacceptable if, with the new legislation starting from January 2023, they could no longer do it".

Confagricoltura - Press Office

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