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Rabobank China: pork market starts a new cycle

According to Rabobank, the pig sector in China has just entered a new cycle, with market conditions that will bring less price volatility and more government control. Its growth potential would be supported by productivity development, market consolidation and international trade.

16, Sep 2022

China’s pork market started a new cycle around mid-2022. This cycle will be different from previous ones, as market conditions have changed a lot. We expect to see less price volatility, a shorter length, and more government monitoring. Policies, a new industry structure, sustainability concerns, and consumer trends will continue to influence the market’s development.

This cycle will offer market opportunities to both local and global players. As local players adopt different business models, one key trend is companies moving toward more vertical integration to reduce the cost of production, stabilize the supply chain, and maximize value. China’s imports peaked in 2020 and will decline to a normal range in the coming years. Still, for global players, China will remain the world’s largest importer.


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