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Representation: Intercarneitalia is the only interprofession in the beef industry

The Regional Administrative Court rejects the appeal of the OICB association that had challenged the ministerial decree

28, Feb 2024

The Lazio Regional Administrative Court, with a ruling filed yesterday, 26 February 2024, rejected the appeal filed four years ago (on 27 February 2020) by OICB, the association made up of Uniceb, Assalzoo, Assograssi, Cia, Copagri and Confagricoltura, presented to oppose the recognition as an Interprofessional Organisation for the beef sector of OI Intercarneitalia, challenging the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of 12 December 2019. "After two years," comments President Alessandro De Rocco, "finally comes the just recognition of the work carried out by OI Intercaritalia regarding the representation of the beef sector.

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