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More and more foreign delegations and students visiting ANABIC

Director Stefano Pignani's satisfaction: ‘This great attention from foreign universities and research centres rewards an activity that we have been carrying out for years, always focused on enhancing the breeds we represent’.

05, Jun 2024

From Istria to South Africa, from Kosovo to Tunisia, from the United Kingdom to the Ivory Coast. In just over a year, at the headquarters of ANABIC (National Association of Italian Cattle Breeders for Meat) in Perugia, numerous teachers, researchers, veterinarians, foreign delegations and students have stopped there for a visit knowledge and in-depth analysis of the sector of beef produced by native Italian breeds, visits which focused above all on the activity of the Genetic Centre, the true flagship of the Association which has a base of around 5,000 farms distributed in 18 regions for a a total of 160,000 heads of livestock, 70% of which are raised on pasture and therefore represent an irreplaceable safeguard of the territory in defense of biodiversity.

“In just over a year and at different times we have hosted almost fifteen groups – explains the director of ANABIC, Stefano Pignani – made up of university students and agricultural institutes as regards Italians, and others, foreigners, of Erasmus courses from Bulgaria. But there was no shortage of representatives of institutions such as the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of the Ivory Coast, Sidi T. Toure, who together with his staff wanted to know the Italian livestock development model and the genetic improvement scheme adopted in ANABIC. The same goes for the delegations of experts from Istria, Tunisia, South Africa, Kosovo and the United Kingdom, all attentive and interested in the innovative activity of our Genetic Centre. ANABIC was also among the protagonists, together with the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marche, of the recent international conference on the importance of breeding ruminants of native breeds which took place last May in Tunisia on the occasion of the 'International Year of Camelids promoted by FAO, as well as, with the presence of its experts, participated in the international Animal Science Days Congress which took place in Slovenia in September 2023, where it presented a couple of studies conducted in collaboration with the University of Perugia and the Dutch Wageningen University & Research. All this places ANABIC at the center of great attention from foreign universities and research centers to which we can transmit our know-how and at the same time initiate interesting collaborative relationships through which to enhance the native Italian beef cattle breeds. The awareness that various Italian universities look to ANABIC as a reference for their students' degree theses - concludes director Pignani - is a source of great satisfaction for us and helps to reward an activity that we have been carrying out for years with great passion and competence" .


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