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Slow Food: cultured meat? No thanks

Slow Food Italy position paper published on laboratory produced meat

23, May 2023

Slow Food Italy has just released its position on the issue of cultivated meat, industrial production, meat consumption and their consequences, as well as on sustainable breeding and agriculture, actions promoted by the association, through its own networks and projects.

Because we don't like intensive farming
Current meat consumption in the West is unsustainable. In Italy they amount to around 79 kg per person per year: lower than countries such as the United States, Australia, Spain and Germany, but almost double the world average, which in 2014 was estimated at 43 kg.
«Satisfying the current global demand for meat has required an upheaval of the centuries-old farming methods, giving rise to the so-called industrial or intensive approach. A method that has ensured meat (almost) for everyone, but under unjust, unacceptable and unsustainable conditions. According to Slow Food, to curb this drift it would be enough to reduce the consumption of meat in the countries of the northern hemisphere, giving substance to the desired protein transition, rather than promoting cultured meat. A hypothesis which, for various reasons, in our opinion, does not represent a wise solution to pursue» declares Barbara Nappini, president of Slow Food Italy.

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