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Decision support system for sustainability in pig farming

24, Feb 2023

In the meat sector, sustainability represents an essential added value that directs the consumer towards products characterised by sustainable production criteria. The modern consumer, in fact, demands to be informed not only on the physical, organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the products that are offered to him, but also on the 'ethical' aspects, concerning the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the entire production chain.

In order to provide concrete, transparent and solid answers from a technical point of view, the SSD_SUINI project - Decision Support System for Sustainability in Pig Breeding - was created. It consists of an articulated protocol for the analysis and control of pig breeding farms based on the application of the technical specifications developed by the Emilia-Romagna Region in 2021: these specifications represent a complete system of good practices and correct management of pig breeding farms for sustainable production.
For further information, please contact Ambra Motta, of CRPA SCPA, scientific manager of the project (mobile phone: 345 0361755; email:

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