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Pig farming: profitability still on the rise

Positive data also for the slaughtering and curing sectors

14, May 2024

Also in April, Italian pig farming showed a positive trend in profitability. The Crefis index ( for the closed cycle in fact marks +0.7% compared to the previous month and +26.5% on a trend level. The favorable situation of the sector is essentially due to the decline in costs for feeding animals, and despite the drop in the price of heavy slaughter pigs destined for the protected circuit which, again in April, fell to 2.077 euros/kg (-1 % compared to March and -7% compared to April 2023).
The trend in the profitability of farmers engaged in the open cycle is also progressing positively: in April the Crefis index of sow farms rose by 2.7% on a cyclical level and by 37.2% compared to last year, thanks to the increase in prices of 7 kg piglets which reached the record price of 81,583 euros/head (+2.8% monthly variation and +15.8% trend figure) and the drop in food costs.
Again in the period examined, for the weaning phase there was a monthly Crefis profitability index rising by 5.3% but the change compared to 2023 is negative (-0.9%). This trend was favored by the growth in prices of 40kg pigs which, in April, reached 3.975 euros/kg, marking +4.4% compared to March and +2.4% compared to last year.
Even the fattening phase, in April, shows an increase in profitability compared to the previous month of 2.4% (+3.7% trend variation).

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