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UK: first request to sell cultured meat

It comes from the Israeli Aleph Farms: the dossier is under scrutiny by the British FSA

05, Aug 2023

A few days after becoming the first company to apply for regulatory approval for meat grown in Europe, the Israeli cellular agriculture company Aleph Farms announces that it has submitted a dossier to the Fsa, the Food standards agency, the governmental agency responsible for food safety and hygiene in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for pre-market approval of beef steaks grown in the UK.

If the Fsa gives its OK it will be the first case in Great Britain and the EU. To date, in fact, Efsa, the European Food Safety Authority, has not yet received any application for marketing authorisation of cultured meat products and the British Fsa has only received the dossier of Aleph Farms.

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Roma, RM, Italia, 04/08/2023 16:06
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