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UNICEB: good the draft Law to protect the sales designations of meat and products

Protecting traditional meat food designations means recognizing their cultural importance and typicality

29, Jun 2023

«I am very pleased with this convocation in the Agriculture Commission and a heartfelt thank you to its chairman Mirco Carloni first signatory of this bill to finally protect the sales denominations of meat and its products» thus Clara Fossato, Secretary General UNICEB – Unione Italiana Filiera Delle Carni, on the sidelines of the House Hearing. «It should be made clear that we welcome plant-based products that use their own names and characteristics. The opinion changes towards imitations that use names of meat products that mislead the consumer into thinking they are identical substitutes for the originals. Names are important and provide indications of a food's content and help consumers make informed choices, protecting them from imitations. Protecting the traditional names of meat foods means recognizing their cultural importance and typicality. Doing so does not erase the work of millions of farmers or flatten people's tastes with synthetic and ultra-processed products. Now it is essential to speed up the parliamentary process as much as possible» Fossato concluded (Source: UNICEB.

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