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UNICEB - Urgent implementation of the law on meat sales descriptions

"Si ravvisa l’assoluta necessità di avere delle garanzie sulla pubblicazione in tempi brevi della lista delle denominazioni di vendita degli alimenti"

25, Jan 2024

"While reiterating our strong support for the law that allows research in our country but prohibits the production and marketing of cultivated 'meat', if it can be called meat at all, we feel it is absolutely necessary to have guarantees that the list of names used for the sale of foodstuffs will be published as soon as possible. If these names are attributed to vegetable products, they can mislead the consumer as to the real composition of the foodstuff, as provided for in Article 3, paragraph 5 of the aforementioned law. - So says Uniceb President SICILIANI in a statement announcing that he has sent the request to Minister Lollobrigida.
"This decree with the list of names that cannot be used by vegetable-based products will allow the Law to be fully applied and protect meat product manufacturers, on a par with what has already been implemented in the milk sector. After all, it is believed that vegetable-based products that have been on the market for many years and that consumers are now familiar with, will have no difficulty in being marketed under names that are more in keeping with their actual composition."

Rome, 25 January 2025

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