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Zivieri…al Massimo

Sunday Sept. 3rd at the Fattoria Zivieri in Sasso Marconi (Bologna, I): the first edition of a 13 years long tradition

03, Aug 2023

From the first edition in 2009, organized in the main square of Monzuno - home of the historic Zivieri butcher shop, to the XII edition, held last year inside the Zivieri farm, on the hills of Sasso Marconi, "a lot of water has passed under the bridges" . More than 50 chefs of national caliber have been involved, more than 20,000 guests have been welcomed, almost 250 different dishes have been studied ad hoc and tasted, but all made with the desire to tell the "revolution" that Massimo Zivieri , to whom the day has always been dedicated, has resulted in the kitchens of great chefs and on the tables of its most loyal customers: offering and eating less meat, taking care, however, to focus on a quality product, with a closed and controlled supply chain , bred in full respect of animal welfare.

“In these 13 years, the red thread that has always characterized the first Sunday of September has been the desire to remember with affection, together with those who had the pleasure of knowing him (both in person and from the stories of other friends), my brother Massimo and his farsighted ideas”, says Aldo Zivieri, owner, together with his brothers and some business partners, of the butcher shop and Fattoria Zivieri. “Each year that has passed has been characterized by transformations and evolutions, all tackled by following the path that Massimo had begun to write, but which convinced us that the time had come to start a new tradition, that of Zivieri…at Massimo: an appointment characterized by the same charge and emotional strength as always, but able to communicate the dreams and ambitions of the Zivieri group even more strongly and clearly!”.

So, ready to experiment with the dishes of 11 chefs, accompanied by as many glasses of special wine and divided into 5 different menus both in composition and in prices, but even more ready to attend a show that will transform the philosophy of Butcher shop and the Zivieri farm. "This year we wanted to give more strength to the storytelling part of our world, not leaving the word only to the chefs' dishes, but organizing various moments during which a multifaceted artist, also taking inspiration from the sporting history of our country, " will sing" the key aspects of our history, made up above all of family and people... but I don't want to add anything else, because this must be a gift and a surprise to all those who, once again, want to be by our side on this day for us so special”, continues Aldo Zivieri.

Another novelty of this edition will concern the number of guests, limited to 500 people, in order to allow everyone to enjoy the best of the Farm… "and to ensure, if possible, that it is an even more emotionally engaging occasion than in the past" .

Zivieri…al Massimo is, as always, supported by Emilbanca and by Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, which for the thirteenth time will award, together with the Young Entrepreneurs group of Confcommercio, to two entrepreneurs under 40, the prize "Massimo Zivieri, for innovation, passion and professionalism”.
"I remember Massimo's initiative, generosity and vision", commented Daniele Ravaglia, general manager of Emil Banca. “Since the beginning we have believed in his philosophy, which is now successfully carried out by the Zivieri family. For this reason, since the first edition, together with Ascom, we have been working to ensure that this event, as well as being a moment of celebration and affectionate remembrance, is an example for the new generations of entrepreneurs"
“Since the first edition, as Confcommercio Ascom Bologna we have supported Massimo with conviction, year after year, Chef... underlines Giancarlo Tonelli, General Manager of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna. "The reason for our support, which is naturally also renewed for the next appointment in September, is twofold: on the one hand, the closeness and affection that our Association has always wanted to concretely express to the Zivieri family in the memory of Massimo, who for many of us he was above all a friend, as well as a great entrepreneur. On the other hand, we shared the goal, which Zivieri…al Massimo continues to pursue, of promoting and enhancing our heritage of excellent food and wine products through a top-quality food and wine offering in perfect balance between research and tradition, starting with clearly from the meat supply chain”.

On 3 September a tradition will take shape, full of novelties, therefore, and, as always, not to be missed!

Event information
Sunday 3 September 2023
Location Zivieri Farm | via Lagoons 78 | Sasso Marconi BO
Hours from 12.00 to 17.00
Reservation required by Friday 1 September by registering on the website

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