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06, Dec 2022

Delicious cold meats and fruit allies of high-altitude athletes

For nutritionist biologist Elisabetta Bernardi, «the combination of cold cuts and fruit is optimal due to the presence in the latter of vitamin C, which is essential to facilitate the absorption of the non-heme iron present in cold cuts in addition to the heme iron, which is more easily absorbed»

02, Dec 2022

Prosciutto di San Daniele talks about care for the environment

The Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium with the support of the European Union launches a new communication campaign in Italy, France and Germany dedicated to the communication of actions to protect the environment of sustainability issues

02, Dec 2022

Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago wins in the European market and strengthens its position in Germany and the Czech Republic

From January to August 2022, the Veneto-Trentine speciality marked +9.4% in volume and +10.9% in value in Europe compared to the same period in 2021

01, Dec 2022

A year of “Insuperabili”: Veroni Salumi main sponsor of the non-profit organisation in the name of sport

In the new 2022-2023 season, the historic delicatessen of Correggio will inaugurate the partnership with a rich list of events and initiatives that will involve the 650 athletes of the football school that for 10 years has been building new scenarios of growth and integration for children with disabilities

01, Dec 2022

Custoza: expression, emotion, territory

Custoza wine and its lands protagonists of the new institutional video wanted by the Consortium

30, Nov 2022

Regenerative agriculture: the pilot project in Italy starts with rice

Helping to mitigate climate change and regenerate soils by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving biodiversity and water quality: these are the three ambitious goals to be achieved together with experts from Parboriz and Innova-tech with the collaboration of researchers and professors from the Universities of Turin, Pavia, Milan