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12, Oct 2022

Retail, boom for recyclable packaging market at 28.3 billion (+7.2% per year)

Packaging is getting greener: from seaweed to corn plastic, cow manure and 3D printing, innovations in sustainable materials production are revolutionising the packaging sector, directly impacting purchasing habits with two thirds of consumers considering the recyclability of packaging at the time of purchase to be crucial

12, Oct 2022

The European Programme “Let’s EAT - European Authentic Taste” at SIAL in Paris

Export of cured meats to France: first six months +11% in quantity and +15.7% in value

11, Oct 2022

Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano consolidates its position in international markets, with +8.2% in the USA, +7.2% in France and +12.4% in Spain

Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano announces positive figures for Q3 2022: +2.9% sales and +1.3% exports since the beginning of the year

06, Oct 2022

Large-scale retail trade: a positive summer for Europe

Italy: Ice Cream and Fresh Desserts leading the way

06, Oct 2022

Salami of Italy: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October 2022

At Fattoria Zivieri the 15th Final of the Italian Salami Championship: two days dedicated to pork products of excellence!

05, Oct 2022

Carpenedo Casearia triumphs at Caseus Veneti

Conciato al Pepe Nero” received the Gold Critics’ Award  and the Popular Jury Award