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27, Feb 2023

Cheese & Smiles, cheese & friends festival: March 24-26 among the streets of downtown Cremona

Discovering the TasteAtlas rankings: a weekend of good taste

27, Feb 2023

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, from the assembly of members of the Consortium safeguards the Programmatic Plan 2023

Development strategies, along with promotion and research also include fundraising aimed at equitable distribution of supply chain costs

23, Feb 2023

Italy Next DOP, scientific culture of GIs future of Italian agribusiness

Qualivita launches international science communication project to support Italian agribusiness

23, Feb 2023

Asiago Cheese Protection Consortium launches “Asiago Academy on tour”

The Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago Cheese Consortium chooses to invest in the training of food professionals by providing retailers and counters with correct information on the product and how to best promote it. In Turin and Rome, the first training events reserved for professional operators

22, Feb 2023

Partnership between Salumi Coati and Salumificio Pavoncelli formalised

After the fire that rendered the production plant in Arbizzano unusable, the Coati family's charcuterie company announces the resumption of production thanks to a partnership with the historic company in Pescantina

21, Feb 2023

Carnival with chef Andrea Fusco’s “maritozzo carbonaro”

On the festival par excellence where everything turns upside down, the Italian confectionery tradition meets the savory taste of Irish meat in a marriage of excellence