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10, Feb 2023

The Best Italian Wines 2023, in Rome Feb. 17-19

Luca Maroni returns to the Salone delle Fontane in Rome Eur with the great labels of Belpaese

10, Feb 2023

ASS.I.CA: one year on from PSA, crucial not to let our guard down and have adequate funding in place

Ruggero Lenti, president of ASS.I.CA.: We are pleased that the actions put in place from the raising of containment fences to the carrying out of targeted selective culling have so far made the national pig farming sector safe

06, Feb 2023

Culatello di Zibello gets sweeter

The new Production Specification raises quality standards, also reducing salt

31, Jan 2023

It's not Slow Wine Fair without masterclasses! Here are the tastings not to be missed, at BolognaFiere from 26 to 28 February

Six appointments between iconic appellations, foreign labels and extravagant bitters

25, Jan 2023

The trademark of the Consortium for the protection of PDO Piacentini "Piacentino - Piacentina" cured meats registered in Chile

The trademark portfolio of the Consortium for the Protection of Piacenza PDO Salumi is enriched with a new international registration

25, Jan 2023

Diego Armando Masardona is Puok’s new sandwich: a tribute to Naples and fried pizza

Puok’s Diego Armando Masardona sandwich contains exactly the ingredients of a complete fried pizza, but re-imagined and layered in perfect PUOK style: Neapolitan fried cicoli (with salt and pepper), breaded and fried provola cheese, roasted cherry tomato cream, salt and pepper ricotta cheese, basil