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21, Oct 2022

At Cibus Tec Forum the future of food technology

Export figures: research by the Nomisma Machinery Observatory

18, Oct 2022

Finocchiona IGP in Senigallia for the “States General” of Italian tourism and hospitality

Alessandro Iacomoni, President of the Consortium: «It is an honour to be able to tell Tuscany through Finocchiona IGP: two excellences that have been walking together, hand in hand, for centuries. Today our challenge is to return to the territory what good things it has been able to give us over time, taking care of its health through an innovative project that aims to safeguard biodiversity thanks to bees. We are certain that what we can tell you will be of great interest and we will succeed in making Finocchiona IGP appreciated for its taste and for its innovative and ecological aspect».

18, Oct 2022

“Galbani, together for 140 years”: an exhibition celebrates 140 years since the foundation of the Italian brand

From photos of founder Egidio Galbani to Carosello commercials in the 1950s, from the original packaging of the first Robiola Galbani cheese marketed since 1882 to Vincenzo Aragozzini's precious shots of work in industrial plants in the first half of the 20th century. Galbani is 140 years old and is celebrating the anniversary with an exhibition dedicated to its history set up at the Corteolona (PV) factory, one of the five from which the products destined for the tables of 140 countries come out

18, Oct 2022

Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi present “Riserva Privata” and “Amarone en primeur”

From Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to Amarone della Valpolicella, the projects of Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi to create a private reserve by adopting a cask

17, Oct 2022

Pecorino Romano DOP and pasta, the perfect marriage of two gastronomic excellences

The encounter between pasta and Pecorino Romano DOP has given rise to incredible recipes known all over the world, the four most famous being Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana and Gricia. To be prepared on World Pasta Day, which is celebrated on 25 October, and as often as possible

17, Oct 2022

“Mi’Ndujo tells wine stories”, Calabria communicated through its agri-food products

Successful launch of a format that combines the authentic flavour of the first Calabrian sandwich with that of local wines