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“A Taste of Ireland”, the week dedicated to Irish gastronomic products from 12 to 19 March

Bord Bia-JRE: a week, St Patrick’s Day, dedicated to Irish excellence, including gastronomy, masterfully interpreted by over 20 of the most renowned chefs of Jeunes Restaurateurs Italia

03, Mar 2023

St. Patrick’s Day, the most famous and celebrated Irish festivity in the world, also arrives in Italy. From 12 to 19 March, in fact, Milan will host Ireland Week, a widespread event paying homage to Irish culture, traditions, history and gastronomy, promoted by Tourism Ireland.

And it is precisely gastronomy that will be the protagonist of “A Taste of Ireland”, a week dedicated to Irish gastronomic products (including beef, lamb, langoustines, and oysters) organised by Bord Bia, a government body for the promotion of Irish food & beverage products, and JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs Italia, an association that brings together the youngest and most representative chefs of the haute cuisine, united by their love for cooking and desire to share experiences and values.

Francesca Perfetto (Bord Bia), comments: «we are happy to announce the start of “A Taste of Ireland”, a hymn to Irish flavours and quality products that is part of a week, organised by Tourism Ireland, that celebrates all the excellence of the Emerald Isle. Together with JRE-Italia, our partner in this initiative, we have asked twenty of their top chefs from all over Italy to exalt the raw materials of the Emerald Isle thanks to their skill and we are certain that Italians will once again fall in love with the meat, beef and lamb, and Irish langoustines and oysters, products that are truly good by nature».

Filippo Saporito, president of JRE-Italy, adds: «Excellence and high quality, these are the characteristics that we JRE-Italy seek for our restaurants, which we bring into our kitchens and offer to our customers. That is why when Bord Bia asked us to participate in the 'A Taste of Ireland' initiative, we accepted with great pleasure. Because in this partner we found that quality that represents us. During the initiative, there will be over 20 JRE-Italian chefs who will start from Irish raw materials to create dishes to be savoured in their respective restaurants, each with their own creativity and culinary philosophy. A total of over 20 different haute cuisine proposals to be discovered and tasted».


In photo, Chef Enrico Gerli’s pink Irish lamb loin.

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