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Amadori. Organic' chicken: double-digit sales growth in the last five years

Chain has over 40 certified farms, from 2022 with antibiotic-free requirement

29, Apr 2024

The current food market scenario shows a growing attention by consumers to the quality and sustainability of products: in particular, sales of organic products in Italy reached 5,474 million euros in 2023, up compared to the previous year both in the at home (+7%) and away from home (+18%) channels. Italian production is also rewarded by the growth in exports, which reached 3,641 million euros, +8% compared to 2022.

Amadori, which introduced its own organic poultry supply chain in 2018, continues the path of innovation and development of high quality supply chains (in addition to organic, Quality 10+ chicken and turkey and free-range Il Campese, excellent production) with the introduction of the new breed raised outdoors respecting natural growth rhythms, without the use of antibiotics and fed only with feed from organic raw materials. A chicken with hazelnut-coloured plumage, for which new structures have also been developed in the Tavoliere delle Puglie and in Basilicata, which complement the existing ones.
The development of this supply chain, integrated and Italian like all Amadori production, confirms the strategic choices of the Group, which is increasingly attentive to quality and sustainability to meet the demands of Italian consumers. A journey that began in 2018 and continued until we had over 40 certified farms by the end of 2023. The Amadori organic supply chain - which from 2022 can also boast the requirement of farming without the use of antibiotics - has also recorded an average double-digit annual growth in sales over the last five years.

Innovation of the offer and attention to sustainability are also reflected in the new packaging of the Bio range, entirely proposed with heat-sealed Lid trays made of 70% recycled plastic: a clearly recognizable layout on the shelf also at a chromatic level, with a visual consistent with the recent rebranding that involved all Amadori best-selling ranges and followed the launch of the new company logo.

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Milan, MI, Italy, 04/22/2024 09:24
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