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ASS.I.CA. presents its first masterclass on cured meats and pork

Academy Trust Your Taste is a free, educational series of video lectures dedicated to counter workers, charcuterie makers, butchers, and industry professionals

13, Feb 2023

Today, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., ASS.I.CA. will present its first masterclass on cured meats and pork. The new training proposal will be told in a webinar created in collaboration with GDOWeek and will explain the rich plan of in-depth content, emphasizing the nine themes developed without forgetting the exceptional lecturers involved. 

If consumers are becoming more and more demanding, professionals must keep up: when it comes to pork, sustainability, nutritional aspects and safety are the three most topical questions, and charcutiers, countermen and butchers are called upon to provide the appropriate answers.

Precisely to support the training and updating of these operators, the Meat and Cured Meat Industries Association has designed its new Academy.

Professionals who attend it, after an evaluation test, will obtain a certificate as a “Trust Your Taste Certified” professional.

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