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Attilio Fontana confirmed at the head of the Consortium of Veneto Ham

17, Apr 2023

Attilio Fontana, a third-generation entrepreneur from Montagnana, was confirmed for the next three years at the helm of the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Veneto Ham during the members’ meeting held on 14 April 2023. Completing the Board of Directors are Luca De Battisti, Manuel Furlani, Diego Guerriero and Barbara Visentin as Vice-President.

After the substantial resilience during the pandemic period, producers are now being called upon to face the immediate difficulties involving the entire processing industry of pork products, grappling with the out-of-control costs of all raw materials and the impossibility of offloading onto a declining food market the increases needed to restore margins. The sector has ended up in a stagflationary funnel, the consequences of which are closely linked to the reduced spending capacity of consumers.

In the short-medium term there are also new important challenges that the Consortium is called upon to face: the European Green Deal - the environmental sustainability of the supply chain, animal welfare - the possible competition from synthetic meat and the fight against the Nutriscore labelling that some northern European countries, not very sensitive to the logic of Geographical Indications, would like to impose on Italian and Mediterranean products of excellence, especially cured meats, cheeses and olive oil, to the sole advantage of the products that are ultra-processed by multinationals.   

The first public commitment for the Consortium’s new directors will be “Prosciutto Veneto DOP in Festa”, the great event now in its 23rd edition, scheduled in Montagnana from 10 to 21 May.

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