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Safe2Eat Campaign 2024: strengthening the position of European consumers

From EUChooseSafeFood to Safe2Eat: EFSA and its partners in EU Member States return with renewed commitment and increased participation across Europe, empowering consumers to make informed food choices

07, May 2024

Building on the success of the previous three years, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and its partners in the EU Member States have launched the Safe2Eat 2024 campaign. Formerly known as #EUChooseSafeFood, the campaign is back with a new name and a renewed commitment to raise awareness of food safety issues among European citizens. This year the campaign expands its scope by involving 18 countries, joining forces to help consumers make informed decisions about their food.

Under the motto #Safe2EatEU, the campaign continues to focus its efforts on educating citizens on various aspects of food safety, including food-borne diseases, proper food preparation techniques, the importance of reading food labels and promoting food waste reduction practices. The campaign also highlights the importance of a balanced diet, the safety of food supplements and the need for scientifically proven food health claims. It also seeks to raise awareness of the safety of food additives and novel foods, as well as the presence of food allergens.

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