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Cantina di Venosa launches Tansillo Pas Dosè

Dal Vulture il nuovo metodo classico rosè

04, Oct 2023

Tansillo Pas Dosè is the latest arrival at the Cantina di Venosa: a classic method rosé from pure Aglianico grown in espalier between 500 and 550 meters above sea level in the north-eastern part of the province of Potenza, in the territory of Venosa; with yields of 80-100 quintals/hectare, for a total of 3,500 plants aged 10-20 years. The Aglianico grapes are harvested by hand in 10/12 kg boxes in the early hours of the morning and immediately transported to the cellar for pressing and separation of the must from the skins. The refermentation in the bottle takes place at a controlled temperature of 12°C and the refinement of the bubbles on the yeasts continues for at least 36 months.
Pale pink in color with powdery reflections, on the nose it has notes of small red berries, bread crust and pastries, on the palate fresh, dynamic, with fine bubbles of excellent flavor and very long, almost creamy persistence. The mineral notes recall the volcanic territory of Vulture. The recommended serving temperature is 8-10 °C.

“Our range of wines expands with a new label that expresses the strength, character and versatility of a great grape variety, Aglianico – comments commercial director Antonio Teora -. It is the main variety of Vulture, a symbol of our viticulture and above all of Cantina di Venosa, a way for us to represent a grape in all its possible expressions within a quality project that does not end here, indeed with more surprises coming. Furthermore, this wine wants to pay homage to the poet Luigi Tansillo, born in Venosa in 1510".

On the slopes of Vulture, from soils of volcanic origin, the great wines of Cantina di Venosa are born, the only wine cooperative in Basilicata and among the most important in southern Italy, awarded for years in the main international wine competitions. A winery with 350 members and 800 hectares of vineyards planted with Aglianico, Malvasia di Basilicata, Moscato Bianco and Merlot; a modern winery, rooted in the territory, attentive to innovation, made up of over 50% young people, heirs of a generation of small winemakers who renew themselves and update themselves with ideas, energy, skills, visions. Among new sustainability projects, vineyards monitored by satellite, wines in cellars under the sea and cutting-edge structures for business efficiency - bottling, shipping - Cantina di Venosa is a model company of cooperation: a community of small winemakers founded in '57 and has constantly grown in the numbers and quality of its wines; from Carato Venusio Superiore, a powerful, structured, elegant Aglianico del Vulture Docg, to Matematico, the great red from the best harvests, from a Bordeaux blend of Merlot and Aglianico grapes, aged for 6 months in French barrique. And then whites from Malvasia grapes from Basilicata, rosé from pure Aglianico, classic method bubbles. They are the oenological expressions of a model winery in a land rich in history and culture, Venosa (Potenza), the town of Orazio, Roman poet of Carpe Diem, and of the madrigalist Carlo Gesualdo. But also a village of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy", in the shadow of the Angevin castle and the Vulture volcano.

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