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Carnival with chef Andrea Fusco’s “maritozzo carbonaro”

On the festival par excellence where everything turns upside down, the Italian confectionery tradition meets the savory taste of Irish meat in a marriage of excellence

21, Feb 2023

Abundance and twisting the rules identify the celebration of Carnival, one of the most eagerly awaited celebrations around the world to fully enjoy life’s pleasures, first and foremost food. This is why Bord Bia, the government body for the promotion of Irish food & beverage, celebrates it with Chef Andrea Fusco’s “maritozzo carbonaro”, a rich and surprising dish that twists the traditional idea of sweetness with a pleasantly salty twist.

A member of the Chefs’ Irish Beef Club (CIBC), an initiative founded in 2004 by Bord Bia to bring together prestigious, internationally recognized chefs with a passion for Irish meat, Chef Fusco chose precisely lamb from the Emerald Isle as the basis for his savory version of his Roman dessert recipe.

This dish is a true tribute to the chef’s Roman origins and represents the exaltation of the taste and excellence of Irish meat, an unprecedented mix for a dish that guarantees an explosion of flavors: the maritozzo, traditionally served stuffed with whipped cream, is used as a precious casket inside which is placed the marinated tartare of Irish lamb, a meat with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

Indeed, Ireland’s fertile soils, abundant rainfall and temperate climate contribute to the growth of its green meadows, the basis of traditional farming practices in harmony with nature. With the longest grass-growing season in Europe, the verdant expanses of this land ensure that steers and lambs are naturally fed, grazed year-round. From this, comes the authentic and delicate taste of this Grass Fed meat, perfect for Chef Fusco’s recipe.

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