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Cheese 2023: a journey beyond borders

International exhibitors and delegates of the Slow Food network from all over the world in Bra (Cn) from 15 to 18 September

02, Sep 2023

Cheesemakers, shepherds, producers and experts from all over the world present their products, share their ideas and common solutions to the challenges we are all facing - starting from the climate crisis - at Cheese, the largest event dedicated to milk cheeses raw, organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra, from 15 to 18 September.

Exhibitors from 14 countries are present in the large cheese market and in Via degli Affinatori. These include internationally known names such as the Jasper Hill company from the United States, Neil's Yard from the United Kingdom, producers and breeders from Switzerland, Sweden and various other European countries such as Belgium and Portugal. Historical exhibitors of Cheese arrive from Spain, such as Quesería Cultivo, part of an important national delegation that includes representatives from the Slow Food Community Via de la Plata para el amparo de productos y emprendidores de las provincias de Salamanca y Zamora. Among the Slow Food Presidia that present their cheeses and tell their stories, we mention raw milk Stichelton and artisanal Somerset Cheddar from the United Kingdom, raw milk cheeses from Ireland, aged artisanal Gouda from the Netherlands, Emmentaler traditional Swiss, the French Bleu del Queyras and from Austria the sheep's milk cheese of the Plezzana variety. The latter are the protagonists of the conference Welcome to the new cheese Presidia, and more.

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