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Coats, restart in record time

Thanks to the agreement with the Pavoncelli sausage factory, production resumed immediately. The goal is to be back to 100 per cent by June, while clean-up activities at the fire site continue

27, Apr 2023

It is the entrepreneurial spirit of the Veneto region, the one that pushes you to get back on your feet despite everything, stronger than any adversity. Just over two months after the fire that razed the Arbizzano di Negrar factory to the ground, the Coati Salumificio has already started up again. The Coati family has not been idle: the ability to create synergies and quickly identify new solutions has allowed them to enter into an agreement with the Pavoncelli Salumificio di Pescantina within a few days.
«The machines are bought back, it is the people who make the difference» says Beatrice Coati, CEO of the Salumificio. «It was our employees and collaborators who made us realise that we should not give up, who were the first to set an example. Already the day after the fire, they had independently reconnected telephone and internet lines, resuming contact with customers and suppliers. We could not give up: once again our family took up the challenge, we put all our resources and skills to work to get going again. The agreement with the Pavoncelli family, with whom we were already in contact, allowed us to pave the way for a new future together».
Together with all the references in the Lenta Cottura range – Coati’s flagship products — the Lenta Stagionatura salami range has also started production again immediately, in particular Salame Milano Coati, which this year received the prestigious Cinque Spilli from the Salumi d'Italia 2023 guide.
«We have already managed to reintegrate more than 195 employees — explains Beatrice Coati — and we are committed to attracting as many employees as possible. Precisely for this reason we are also internalising some services that we used to manage externally, in order to employ our staff again, albeit with new and different roles».
«In recent weeks, we have already made some important investments in the purchase of new ovens and churns for salting our cold cuts» adds Massimo Zaccari, sales manager of Salumi Coati. «And we have deliberated a plan of more than 15 million to invest in machinery to renew the production plant and implement the technological part of the company, activate energy saving solutions and reduce the environmental impact. From the heart of Valpolicella, production under the Coati brand continues at a fast pace, reinforcing its strong bond with the territory».
While in Arbizzano, at the site of the fire, careful disposal and reclamation operations are underway that will take several months, in Pescantina tomorrow is being built.

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