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Consortium of Tuscan PDO Ham, production grows by 10% in 2023

The post-Covid upswing continues, with a forecast of 340,000 branded hams, but the increase in raw materials is worrying, President Viani: 'Price increases of up to 13.5%'

07, Dec 2023

A production growth of 10% to date with a forecast of 340 thousand branded hams, despite the difficulties linked to the higher costs of raw materials, which increased on average by 13.5% in just one year. 2023 is closing on a high for the Consorzio del Prosciutto Toscano PDO, in a positive trend destined to increase with the Christmas holidays, historically a true period of sales boom with orders already in line with those of 2022.
The Consortium, which includes 19 Tuscan companies producing the PDO, has in fact confirmed the post-Covid recovery, while remaining below the record threshold of 400 thousand pre-pandemic branded hams. A motivation to be found also and above all in the crisis of the raw material, as reiterated by Fabio Viani, president of the Consorzio del Prosciutto Toscano PDO: "Despite the growth of the product, as evidenced by the production data relating to 2023, the increase in of costs relating to raw materials, aggravated by the recent inflation which has affected the entire country. It is a problem that involves the entire supply chain: the breeder has to deal with various price increases, from feed to animal welfare, up to the increase in energy costs. The growth of raw materials leads to a contraction in production which cascades through companies and up to the final consumer. This is why I believe it is important to also remedy the situation at a government level, by controlling prices and intervening on taxation."
In any case, the Tuscan Ham Consortium, in addition to the very high quality that distinguishes the PDO, is committed to maintaining stable prices. Although the cost of pigs has increased by 13.5% to date (according to data from the National Single Commissions), the final consumer price has not undergone the same proportional increase, again considering that 80% of the product ends up directly at the deli counter, therefore in very close contact with the customer.

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