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Beef cattle convention with Minister Lollobrigida

A sector plan to give it a future, improving the new CAP, enhancing quality production and informing consumers

22, May 2024

I hope it will be the turning point year for our sector – said the President of OI Intercarneitalia Alessandro De Rocco – commenting with enthusiasm on the news of the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Lollobrigida and the President of the Senate Agriculture Commission, Luca De Carlo, at the conference organized on Friday 24 May 2024, at 3.00 pm in the meeting room of the Adige Po Reclamation Consortium, in via Verdi 12 in Rovigo.
Since we began our journey with the National Beef Plan in 2009 - continues De Rocco - this is the first time that a Minister of Agriculture participates in our usual annual meeting during which we highlight the work done and the goals painstakingly achieved and the difficulties that farmers have to face every day, including the attacks and fake news from pseudo animal rights activists and environmentalists who dominate on social media and on TV.
We have managed to aggregate all beef livestock farming at a national level in line with European and national legislation. We have obtained the recognition of the AOP Italia Zootecnica, as the only Association of Beef Cattle Producer Organisations, the recognition of the OI Intercarneitalia, as the only inter-professional organization for the beef sector and the recognition of the Consorzio Sigillo Italiano, as the only instrument for the enhancement of the National Livestock Quality System.
We have worked well and the machine is ready to provide answers – concludes De Rocco – We will ask Minister Lollobrigida on Friday afternoon in Rovigo to put the classic icing on the cake, that is, to give the green light to the drafting and financial support of a Sector Plan for the Bovine zootechnics for meat, starting from the Meat Plan, already operational, bringing it for approval to the State-Regions Conference. For us farmers, but also for the entire supply chain, it would be an epochal turning point.

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