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Coppa di Parma PGI: 70 million euro consumer turnover in 2022

Growth in pre-sliced products and exports to non-EU markets

13, Mar 2023

The figures for 2022 remain stable for Coppa di Parma PGI with a consumer turnover of 70 million Euro, maintaining the positive levels reached in 2021, for a sector that employs 550 people, including direct employees and workers linked to allied industries, and 21 companies associated with the Protection Consortium. 

In 2022, the numbers will also remain virtually unchanged in terms of production volumes: according to data from ECEPA - the Agri-Food Products Certification Authority, in 2022, 4.21 million kg of processed pork will be produced. Labelled production shows a slight increase (+1%) in volume from 1.85 million kg in 2021 to 1.87 million kg in 2022.

Pre-sliced, on the other hand, recorded an increase of 2.7%, with 452,000 kg of pork used, a growth in line with last year. Growing in the large-scale retail trade channel, pre-sliced Coppa di Parma PGI will rise to about 33% of total sales in 2022 (30% in 2021). Large-scale distribution is confirmed as the main marketing channel, maintaining a 70% share of the segment's turnover.

On the other hand, looking at the segment, the situation remains unchanged compared to 2021, during which a recovery was recorded in the second half of the year, following the easing of restrictions imposed on the activities of premises. This channel for the Coppa di Parma PGI sector is especially important in terms of reputation and product enhancement. 

With respect to exports, the incidence of exports of Coppa di Parma PGI remains at 8% of the sector’s turnover. While EU countries continue to represent the main destination area, with a share of 52.9% and Germany, France and Benelux in the lead as main European trade partners, it is Canada that grows in importance with an export share that rises to 41.3% (38.6% in 2021), thus maintaining its primacy as the single largest importer of Coppa di Parma PGI in absolute terms.

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