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Dublin Declaration: over 1,000 scientists supporting meat and animal husbandry

More than 1,000 scientists from around the world have signed the Dublin Declaration, a document that aims to focus the debate on meat production and consumption on scientific evidence

18, Oct 2023

After difficult times in which misinformation and fake news reigned supreme, attempting to irreparably ruin a fundamental sector for the economy and food security, proper recognition is finally being given to the importance of animal husbandry and the production and consumption of meat. Over 1000 scientists from all over the world have signed the Dublin Declaration, a document which aims to focus the debate on the production and consumption of meat on scientific evidence, bringing together all existing and future studies on its nutritional, economic and environmental.

By signing this document, internationally renowned scientists undertake to collect scientific evidence of the nutritional benefits of meat and products of animal origin, the environmental sustainability of livestock farming, and its socio-cultural and economic values. With this global project, science is finally given a voice, trying to suppress the ideology and approximation that have dominated so far in dealing with these topics.

To date, almost 1,200 scientists have independently joined the initiative, contributing with their studies and research, and their number is destined to grow. Much of this evidence was discussed in an important international event held in Dublin in October 2022: “The Societal Role of Meat – What the Science Says”, with which the scientific debate begins between various international experts on the importance of meat and animal production in today's society. All speaker presentations were published in a peer-reviewed edition of Animal Frontiers, the official journal of the American Society of Animal Science, the European Federation of Animal Science, and the American Meat Science Association.

Never before has there been an urgency to find solutions based on scientific evidence, at a time when the livestock sector is called upon to face unprecedented challenges: to sustainably increase foods of animal origin to meet the nutritional needs of the growing population , combating climate change and protecting biodiversity, animal health and welfare. In this context, the Dublin Declaration takes on an exceptional value, as commented by Giuseppe Pulina, president of Carni Sostenibili and one of the scientists who signed the project: "Never before has an approach that privileges data and scientific investigation over non-ideological it is only desirable, but necessary to protect the health of citizens and favor the work of decision makers. An important step that serves to enrich a discussion often penalized by fake news and a lack of objective information."

All scientists with academic and scientific credentials who work in contact with the livestock sector and who wish to give their fundamental support can sign the Declaration simply through this link:


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