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PDO economy: boom thanks to farmed products

Of more than 20 billion turnover, almost 30% comes from dairy and cured meat products

19, Dec 2023

Grana Padano, with a turnover of 1.73 billion euros, overtakes Parmigiano Reggiano and becomes the first PDO in Italy.

The economy of Geographical Indications in Italy exceeds the ceiling of 20 billion euros: continuous growth for the 326 Made in Italy PDO and PGI products which, according to the Ismea-Qualivita report which is presented in Rome, achieved in 2022 a turnover of 20.2 billion (+6.4% compared to 2021).

At the top of the ranking are livestock products (dairy products and cured meats), which confirms the decisive role of this sector in the Italian economy and in promoting the excellence of food made in Italy. It is no coincidence that the top 4 products in the ranking (Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana) alone are worth over 4.8 billion in turnover.

At the top of the food sector of PDO products that generate the most production value is Grana Padano, with over 1.73 billion euros in turnover, which, thanks to a record growth of 18% compared to 2021, has surpassed Parmigiano Reggiano, at 1.72 billion. In third place among the agri-food PDOs is Parma Ham, at 932 million euros and growing by 11%; followed by buffalo mozzarella from Campania with 502 million and, in fifth place, balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI with 381 million euros, albeit down 5.2% compared to the 2022 ranking. A position undermined by Pecorino Romano which, with a leap of 25% and a turnover of 378 million takes sixth place.

This is followed by Prosciutto di San Daniele (365 million, +9.9%), Gorgonzola (363 million, -3.5%), Mortadella di Bologna (327 million, +4.3%), Pasta di Gragnano (267 million, +9.2%), Bresaola della Valtellina (246 million, +2%), Asiago (141 million, +15.6%), Speck Alto Adige (117 million, +0.1%), Apple Alto Adige (80 million, -31.5%) and Piadina Romagnola (58 million, +10.3%).

Furthermore, of the over 20 billion, 11.3 come from the wine sector, with bubbles (Prosecco, Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Delle Venezie and Asti) at the top. Precisely thanks to Prosecco, Veneto is the first region for DOP products produced, with 4.84 billion euros, and Treviso is the first Italian province, with 2.2 billion euros. In second place, among the regions, is Emilia-Romagna, with 3.97 billion euros in value.

Overall, the PDO and PGI economy today represents 195 thousand companies and 296 protection consortia, employs 580 thousand people and ensures a contribution of 20% to the turnover of the entire national agri-food sector. Exports are also growing, by 8.3%, for a total of 11.6 billion euros collected on international markets thanks, above all, to the recovery of non-EU markets, which in 2022 recorded a +10% .

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Rome, RM, Italy, 12/18/2023 08:00
EFA News - European Food Agency

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