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Double awards at Cibus for Gruppo Felsineo

Best product innovation with Km Rosa and award for the solidarity project with the Anffas Modiano Centre

31, Mar 2023

A Cibus full of awards for Gruppo Felsineo. The Bologna-based Group, specialised in the production of mortadella and sliced vegetables, received two coveted awards at the 15th Salumi&Consumi Awards.

A jury of 91 buyers and operators in the sector chose Km Rosa, the Mortadella of the territory, as the best product innovation, and the “Modiano, fantasy and good food” project as the charity initiative of the year.

Km Rosa was born with the contribution provided by the working tables that Gruppo Felsineo has activated to involve employees in company processes. The new mortadella is part of the “Via della Filiera”, one of the four relevant pillars for the Group, which guides the development of increasingly sustainable and responsible supply chains. Km Rosa is made with only Italian meat from pigs raised on pasture under the banner of animal welfare, according to the concept of proximity and fed with feed high in vegetable Omega-3.

The charity award assigned for the project with the Anffas Modiano Centre in Sasso Marconi enhances the company’s support for the community, with the aim of exploring new forms of support that combine solidarity, creativity and good food.  It meets the criteria of the “Via della Vicinanza”, which sees Gruppo Felsineo's commitment to the community and the territory. The guests of the Centre, assisted by their assistants and the Gruppo Felsineo team, were involved in the development and creation of 14 recipes, which will be the subject of a dedicated collection.

«We are truly satisfied with these prestigious awards, which underline our constant commitment to two fundamental assets of our business activity. On the one hand, the constant search for innovation to propose increasingly responsible supply chain models and increasingly good, genuine and healthy mortadellas such as the Pink Mortadella, a product that is a standard bearer for sustainability; on the other hand, the desire to give life to projects and synergies capable of generating a positive impact on the environment, community and territory. We are very excited about the Charity Award received for Modiano, an initiative that has also enriched us humanly, thanks to the wonderful bond that has been established with the Centre's guests. We have worked with them side by side, touching with our own hands that inclusiveness is a profound richness» said Emanuela Raimondi, CEO of Gruppo Felsineo, as she collected the awards.

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